Sculpture Music


Rania sings, writes and composes most of her songs, playing both instruments; the Guitar and the Piano.
She also uses the poetry of the wonderful Salah Jaheen and the profound Ahmed Fouad Nigm in some of her songs. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts majoring in Sculpture. She excels in both of her talents, finding ultimate pleasure in singing on stage to her audience. She performed as a feature guest with other bands and musicians as well. She was able to experiment with her songs with many instruments all along the past few years with many talented musicians, which allowed her music to be heard in different styles.
Rania's lyrics and style of music are considered very different, genuine and to a great extent unique.

Rania grew up looking up to her father who gave her the opportunity to learn many things without hesitation, taking her to Operas when she was 12 years old and other wonderful experiences. She is very fond of her brother Waleed. As children she used to copy him in most of the things he did. He taught her the first cover song when she was 13, a song by Pink Floyd named "If". He took her to see Sting and other great musicians live in concerts, which had major influence on her. Waleed enouraged Rania to believe in her talents and see them from different prespectives.
Heba, Rania's mother is her constant supply of energy of hope for a new day to come.

Rania hopes to carve her life with her songs and statues wishing to share them with as many number of people as she may. She believes that Art and Music are a Universal Language and that we ALL can communicate with, using our feelings if we cannot speak its' words. She believes that all beings are a work of Art with a touch of Music embeded silently within.