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Rapunzel in Arabic

Kids Show Starring Marwa Abdel Moneim

After the huge success achieved by actress Marwa Abdel Moneim and Director Mohsen Rizk in their latest fabulous musical family adventure Rapunzel in Arabic, held at Al Manara Theatre, the show will be presented again on MUST Opera House Theatre, in 6th of October City, end of this month.

The play presents the story of Princess Rapunzel with a narrative that has never been performed in the Arab world, simulating the international performances that used to echo on the Arab markets during the past years.

The show contains all the dazzling tools in terms of integrated theatre production and story writing in a way that suits the culture of Arab societies. Music is played by the orchestra Bratislava Symphony, and the décor made of the finest materials; while the clothing mimics the time period of events. Also, the graphics displayed on the screen, were created by the strongest Egyptian and International graphic studios.

Explore the magical world of Princess Rapunzel at MUST Opera House, on the 6th of October from 31st March to 1st April 2019

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