“Ressala” is the first trial for all its members as a band in 2000. Their challenge was to create a collection of songs (variable music pieces) that proves their capability to interact and cooperate as a band despite of their different music backgrounds and consequently music interests and tastes. These differences resulted in a special genre of songs and music; the vocals artistically perform songs with Egyptian lyrics accompanied by experimental and creative music.

“Ressala” band is the perfect means for its members to communicate their ideas and hopes; in a time characterized by harsh conditions. Each band member presents freely topics they are interested in, this have resulted in a set of songs that describes the spirit of the band and consequently the reality of Egyptian youth. Therefore the name ‘Ressala’ (Message) was the best name for the band.

The beginning was in Cultural centers in Alexandria that gave the band the first chance, followed by a number of concerts in foreign cultural centers in Alexandria. In a later stage the band reached an agreement with the Greek cultural center in Alexandria to host the band regularly; which lasted for 2 years, during which the first change in the band occurred; in terms of band members and therefore instruments. These changes didn’t negatively affect the musical status or the songs but added different flavor and vision to the band.

Band Members:

Nour Ashour– Saxophone / Flute / Mizmar
Fady Badr – Key board / Qanoun
Mohamed Adel – Guitar
Shams Salem – Percussions
Amr Galal – Drums
Ahmed Hani - Bass Guitar
Moustafa Saad - Vocal