Ruba Shamshoum
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Ruba Shamshoum

Pop and Jazz Music

Singer and songwriter Ruba Shamshouma, a Palestinian musician, born and raised in Nazareth and currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Ruba’s music draws from the harmony, sensibility, improvisation, and playfulness of jazz, mixed with tinges of Middle Eastern and Arabic musical elements that compliment her style and bring it to unique and distinctive places.

 In 2011, Ruba dove into music, and made it her profession; She studied jazz performance at Newpark Music Centre, wrote music for film (When I Saw You), released a few singles that generated much acclaim and were a part of top indie charts in the Middle East and North Africa, performed in international festivals in Ireland, the UK and the Middle East, and gave a TED talk about finding your own distinctive voice in music and art.

 In May 2017, Ruba released her debut album ‘Shamat’ (Beauty Spots), written and arranged by her. In the album, she deals with identity, anger, escapism, lack of communication, fear, and love. Each song on the album explores different shades of emotion

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