From a young age, Saeed, Sahra`s former lead singer, fell in love with this kind of music, which he was introduced to through an Algerian community among which he lived in Libya. From their covers of Cheb Khalid`s famous songs to their own songs which they sing in Egyptian, Sahra`s strong musicianship echoed in different venues, with fans constantly increasing. This led to the decision of working on an album and preparing a video for one of the band`s songs.


Raï as a genre is close to the Egyptians` hearts. However, it`s Sahra`s own touch that they add to it, and their diverse musical backgrounds that has led to them being booked solid at local venues and events.


"We present Raï in a very simple, modern sound," they say. "The band itself is incredibly close, and I think that comes through in the music and makes it even better. The SOS Festival is a great idea that will hopefully lead to a lot of change in the way we see our culture"


Band Members:


-Ahmed Ezz: Vocals

-Ahmed El Wahsh: Keyboard and Vocals

-Mohamed Medhat: Violin and Vocals

-Marwan Shaaban: Guitar

-Osama Salah: Bass

-Ahmed Hesham: Drums

-Ahmed Aly: Tabla and Qann