Scarlet Drop was formed 2005 in Ängelholm, Sweden with an ambition to go far. Combining energetic stage performance, catchy melodies with a heavy edge is a challenging task for anyone, and Scarlet Drop attempts to do so with a professional attitude and full commitment. Without being bound by the limits of any particular style of music, Scarlet Drop combines singing and melodies with screaming and heavy riffs.

The diversity of the band has proved to be a great asset, both in terms of creating a unique sound with influences from different sources, and for attracting attention from bookers and promoters for the unique line-up. Two girls fronting on guitar and vocals are eye-catching and make the band stick out from other bands wherever they are playing. The band is also diverse in ethnicity, with half of the band hailing from Malta and in terms of musical background, with members ranging from schooling in classical music to completely self-taught.

In 2007, the demo ”Metamorphosis” was released, produced by CJ Grimmark from the metal band Narnia. This demo opened up doors for the band to take their music abroad, with shows in Malta and Germany as well as being booked for the Sweden Rock Festival, one of the main festivals in Sweden, for 2 consecutive years.

The summer of 2009 saw the band going to Stuttgart, Germany for concerts and recordings at the Tin-Roof Studios, and the resulting demo “Broken Wings” is the best the band has produced so far but still holds a lot of promise for the future!