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Yanni by the sea

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A legendary composer and performer unlike any other, YANNI has brought hundreds of millions of people throughout the world together through his beloved albums and his incredible live performances. Over two billion more have experienced the magic of his music through television broadcasts worldwide.  YANNI’s unforgettable performances at the Acropolis in Greece, the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City in China, the Royal Albert Hall in England and El Morro in Puerto Rico have crossed countless borders, touching billions of people worldwide.


The Greek multi-instrumentalist has been called no less than "the modern day composer" by music lovers all over the world. This refers not to classical canon, but to the perfection of the amazingly pure melodies that he composes. And truly, YANNI’s talent knows no bounds, just as his music knows no borders. With more than 40 platinum and gold albums worldwide, Yanni has sold a staggering 25 million albums globally. 


YANNI’s live concerts are an experience unlike any other: His powerful stage presence, unparalleled talent, and enchanting music create a concert experience that is absolutely unforgettable. Combining several genres in a single composition, YANNI’s timeless melodies are overflowing with bright, deep sound that take you on a musical journey.

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