Sehr El Sharq was formed in 2001 by Belal El Sheikh when he was a student in the Music Institute. He gathered all the group elements through the institute and other colleges, the formation didn't have a name until the dues date of their first concert at the institute. So they researched for a name that would reflect their authentic music, that's when Sehr El Sharq or "Magic of the east" came to them as it was the first song to be played at the  concert,  a musical piece composed by Abdel Moneim El Harriri.

The group was joined by a big number of musicians until it reached 27 players, later on, the group took a simpler form to include from 7 to 10 players. Sehr El Sharq plays traditional music as well as originals, and they presented many concerts in the following places:

Alexandria Center for Art, year 2005, The Russian Culture Center in Alexandria, year 2003.Theaters for cultural development fund like El Ghoury, The Music institute stage, The Fine Art Institution stage, El Sawy Culture Wheel since 2004 until today