SimpleXity is a progressive rock/metal band based in Cairo, Egypt. Initially being the brainchild of guitarist Omar El-Deeb and keyboardist Hatem Ghaleb, bassist Noor Ayman and drummer Aly Hassab El Naby completed the line-up around November 2007. Each member of the band enjoys different genres of music ranging from Classical, jazz, blues, rock n roll, punk, heavy metal, hard rock, thrash, death metal with all their subgenres. The presence of such versatile influences created the band's original sound.

In April 2010, keyboardist Ahmed Adel replaced Hatem Ghaleb after Hatem decided to leave..

SimpleXity are:

Omar El-Deeb - Guitar and vocals
Noor Ayman - Bass and backing vocals
Ahmed Adel Khalil - Keyboards and backing vocals
Aly Hassab El-Naby – Drums