Four men, a little wood, a lot of brass and a whole arsenal of multifarious
instruments: this is how we can describe the famous Germany band: ''Talking Horns". They present very special music that mixes stories from their past, present and future, told in their own, highly eloquent musical diction.

Talking Horns speak equally to the mind and the emotions. They take us on a musical voyage from free jazz to swing. For them, jazz is the universal musical language; one that speaks directly to all hearts everywhere.

Talking Horns is a German 4-piece brass band that plays various styles, ranging from jazz and latin to world music.  They achieve a musical density almost orchestral in scope and it is easy for you to imagine almost a big band if you just close your eyes.

Achim Fink (trombone, baritone horn, tuba, sousaphone)
Andreas Gilgenberg (alt sax, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet)
Richard Hellenthal (trombone, tuba, sousaphone)
Bernd Winterschladen (tenor / baritone sax, bass clarinet).

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