Tamer Abu Ghazaleh is a Palestinian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. His debut album Mir'ah (Mirror) was released in 2008. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh has collaborated on several music projects including starting the cross-genre group Kazamada (2010); working with Palestinian & Egyptian artists on Jehar (with Huda Asfour), Duo Buzuq (with Rabea Jubran) and Kalam Mazzika (with Salam Yousry); and performing on Khaled Jubran's Psalms (2005), and he is a member of Alif Ensemble. In 2008, Tamer released Thawret Ala2 (Revolution of Worry), a collaborative piece of musical theatre that was performed by the Al-Tamye Theatre Group.


Tamer started his academic music education at the National Conservatory of Music (now Edward Said Conservatory). There he studied oud, buzuq, music theory, history, analysis, composition, orchestration and performance, under the supervision of renowned Palestinian musician Khaled Jubran.


The main vocal Tamer Abu Ghazaleh plays the oud as well, and will be accompanied on stage by Shadi El-Hosseiny on the piano, Mahmoud Waly on the Bass Guitar and Khyam Allami on the drums.