Tarhana is a multinational group from Amsterdam. Founded by Sjahin During, they blend traditional Balkan and Middle Eastern flavors with Afro-Anatolian grooves. Spicing up Ottoman soundscapes, digital Sufi grooves, Gypsy melodies, North African rhythms and sounds from ancient cultures. The collaboration offers a rendition of ancient traditions, interlacing the polyrhythm of Eastern music, with its motifs, sounds and samples. Anatolian melodies are reinterpreted and redesigned for the present generations of dancers and listeners.


Tarhana is the name of an old, traditional Anatolian soup, said to be the Sultan’s favorite. It is concocted by villagers throughout Bosnia, Macedonia, Anatolia and all the way to Turkmenistan.


They toured Canada and Egypt in 2010, Copenhagen, Mexico and Jordan in 2009, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Tunisia, Jordan in 2008, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in 2006.



Bobby Petrov (Bulgaria) - Drums
Ozhan Acikbas (Turkey) - Saz & Vocals
Jakob Rheinlander (Iceland) - Electric bass
Alex Simu (Romania) - Saxophone & Clarinet
Franz von Chossy (Germany) - Keyboards & Laptop
Sjahin During (Turkey/Holland) – Afro Anatolian Percussion