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The Fingerprint Summit

The 2nd Summit for Egyptian Leaders to Advance Progress

The world is changing – two out of three children will go into jobs that don’t even exist yet.  
In the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, meeting the challenge of change requires young people to be the change makers . To do so, they must future-proof themselves with 21st-century skills, a combination of existing and new capabilities to thrive in a world being profoundly transformed. Shaping trends of this new reality will require them to adapt to a continuously evolving and changing human-machine partnership, which in turn leads to redesigning uniquely human collaboration. This paradigm shift profoundly redefines what humans need to know about the labor market needs and adapt to the level of education and skills needed.
In addition to this Job creation and wage growth have been the most important driver of poverty reduction globally.
The summit will be joined by government, business, labor and community organizations to advance job creation. It will provide a platform for open discussions on the obstacles faced by each social partner in the creation of jobs.

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