THE is a Progressive Rock Band formed for the 1st time in November 2008.

Since their inception, the band's line-up has included the Drummer "Aly Osama", Guitarist "Bassel Soliman" & Vocalist "Mahmoud Adel", "Omar Assem" joined the band as their Bassist in April 2010 replacing their original Bassist "Mostafa Alfy" & The Keyboard player "Ahmed Adel" left the band in April 2010.

A few years earlier, Bassel & Alfy played in an Alternative Rock Band "Demo".

The band was separated after a while because of a musical taste conflict between the members  that came to the surface when the original phase started, which made Bassel return to his original influence by forming a Progressive Death Metal Band "The Burrower" joined by Mahmoud Adel & Omar Assem afterwards. After almost a year "The Burrower" was disbanded for some reasons.

THE; was created by Bassel, Mahmoud & Alfy. Finding a keyboard player didn't take much time as "Ahmed Adel" was suggested by Mahmoud. They auditioned him in the studio & when suggesting the idea, he accepted immediately.

The drummer was almost obvious for them, "Mostafa El Tarabishy" an old friend who was the Drummer for the two previous bands "Demo" & "The Burrower".

Tarabishy had some issues concerning coping with two bands, so he decided to give his all to his original band "Enraged", and by that there was a gap which needed to be filled by another one.

Brain storming took its place when "Aly Osama" crossed Bassel's mind & decided to audition him, he totally blew their minds off, Aly joined “THE” in November 2008, to complete the band's final line-up.

In April 2010 after the 3rd live performance, Mostafa Alfy & Ahmed Adel left the band for some reasons & Omar Assem has been the band's bassist, replacing Mostafa Alfy.

The band managed to acclimate in working through, due to the fact of being 4 members & due to the absence of keyboards / Synths.

THE started working on their 1st original soundtracks in July 2010 in collaboration with "Ganoub" Studio.