1. Redefining success in life.
2. Building self-confidence
3. Developing the feeling of competence and worthiness
4. Focusing on the positive sides instead of surrendering to what is negative inside us
5. Why being so? The self mirror6. Being honest to oneself
7. What way of thinking did we adopt in the past and how do we think now?
8. What kind of behavior did we adopt in the past and how do we behave now?
9. What is the current state we pulled ourselves to?
10. Getting out of the old circle11. What do I want to change and why?
12. What internal change does this change in life require?
13. Causes of Frustration and how to overcome them
14. Shaping new ways of thinking
15. Shaping new ways of behaving
16. Difficulties and obstacles
17. Choosing to cling to the intelligent emotions
18. Overcoming fear of success and preparing yourself to embrace it
19. Celebrating success without fearing its eclipse
20. Satisfaction and ambition
21. Creating a mechanism for establishing this new way and making it a life style for moving from one success to another and  enjoying all through