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Waiting for his descent

Film Screening

Film Screening: Waiting for his descent

Director : Bassam Mortada

Genre: Documentary

About the film

In a small village in minia a mother waits for her sun to return from the mountains. She already went through a traumatic experience when her younger son had his had amputated after 3 days at the quarries. She can go through this with another son. Quarrying is the main economic activity for the east bank inhabitants of El Minia governorate with nearly 15,000 men and children engaged in this informal economic activity. Although quarrying pays relatively better than other available jobs in this area, yet the working conditions are brutal and hazardous. The majority of the workers are breadwinners with no contracts, social or medical insurance. The working conditions are life threatening since most of the equipment is produced locally and does not adhere to any safety standards. The majority of the workers are forced to quit this job early because of its impact on their health condition.

Date: Sunday 28th of July 2019

Time : 8 PM

Tickets fees: 30 EGP

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