Whim 'n Rhythm of Yale University is the premier undergraduate female a cappella singing group in the nation. Delighting audiences from Maine to Hong Kong, from Club Med to the White House, Whim 'n Rhythm brings professional musicianship, a strong spirit, and an elegant presence to every performance.

Whim 'n Rhythm's eclectic selection of songs appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes, and concerts can be tailored to fit any occasion. The repertoire ranges from upbeat jazz standards and classic show tunes to contemporary pop favorites and traditional ballads.

Whim was founded in 1981 by a group of seven Yale women who came together to create what had long been absent from Yale's a cappella tradition: a senior women's singing group. The original members combined their musical talent with a solid interest in promoting the equal role of women. The group has achieved world renown over the past three decades and now culminates each season with an international tour.