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Woodworking Workshop: Furniture Making

Darb1718 Workshop

In the workshop, we will learn how to recycle old wood, especially from pallets.

The workshop will consist of four sessions with each session being 3 to 4 hours with two sessions per week.

In the first session we will first get to know each other and learn why recycling is important for us, get to know the wood and its different types and how to clean and cut it.

In the second session, we will put the vision and design for the piece we want to produce and we will get to know the different tools for measuring and how to use them.

The third session will be used to assemble the furniture and in the fourth session we will learn about finishing and painting.


Workshop Details

The workshop consists of 4 sessions on Fridays and Saturdays between 21 June and 29 June  2019


Time: From 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Duration of session: 3 hours

Workshop fees: 1500 EGP (Including Materials) Rgistering through paying A down-payment of 525 EGP

Participants will keep their products

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