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Cairokee, Masar Egbari, Nagham Masry



World Pneumonia Day Festival 2011
Reviving Healthy Habits

Join the fight against child pneumonia and be a part of our World Pneumonia Day 2011 Festival!

Alashanek Ya Balady Association for Sustainable Development (AYB) welcomes you to a full day of fun, music, activities and awareness on November 12, 2011. 

We have an exciting range of activities for kids and grown ups, and an amazing band line up:

Nagham Masry
Masar Egbari

2ass w laz2
10 Gharby
3emdan Nour
Foo2 2el soto7
Dreams Recorder-Club

With the participation of: Mashroo3 El Mareekh

You can purchase your World Pneumonia Day key chains containing your invitation.

Best of all, you get to have a great time AND be a part of an international cause. Your presence and contribution will help AYB vaccinate at least 10,000 at risk children in impoverished areas in Egypt against pneumonia and spread awareness of this deadly disease all over the country. 

This is in line with the “Protection Is Their Right” initiative, implemented by AYB in partnership with the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students Federation (EPSF) and under the auspices of the Egyptian Pediatrics Association (EPA).

World Pneumonia Day is celebrated annually all over the world. This year, let’s show them how Egyptians do it!


Child Tickets are for kids under 10 Years old



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