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World's Greatest Illusions (Live)

LIVE Illusion show

The World’s Greatest Illusions ( LIVE ) . Premiering in CAIRO , EGYPT .

"The World’s Greatest Illusions ( LIVE )"  is a 90 minutes LIVE Illusion show ,  featuring 4 of the world’s greatest illusionists of our time , combining their unique acts into a 90 minute magical fun filled experience that's suitable for the whole family . This non-stop action show will leave you on the edges of your seats and keep you wanting more!!

Audiences will get to see unique one of a kind, never seen before illusions premiering in EGYPT, such as the world’s best cutting in half illusion (Operation by Kevin James ) , where a real man cut in half runs around stage !! , real cross bows shooting on stage , card manipulation of the highest degree being performed by the World Champion himself , mind reading & even get to participate on stage with some of the World’s Greatest Magicians during their acts . 

The Illusionists featured, have been on stage on every acclaimed theater on planet earth, including showcasing their talents at the Sydney Opera House & on Broadway itself!! This is a spectacle that rarely sets foot in the middle east, and is not one to be missed!!

Wait for The World’s Greatest Illusions (LIVE) at The Marquee by Cairo Festival City, featuring 4 of the world’s greatest illusionists of our time on the 27th and the 28th of October.

Main Sponsor: Cairo Festival City

Official Sponsor: INERTIA

Official Radio partners: Nile FM, Nogoum FM

Organized by: Event House

Official Media partners: 7 AYAM, COMMUNITY TIMES, DAILY NEWS
Official Digital partner: CAIRO SCENE.

Kevin James :
Kevin James is the most watched  Illusionist on the Internet .
Kevin is an award winning French magician whose performances run at venues such as Crazy Horse (Paris) and Caesars Palace. He has won the "Parlour Magician of the Year" award from the Magic Castle and also appeared on the CBS television special, "World's Greatest Magicians at the Magic Castle”.He is also a finalist in The America’s Got Talent program, and is the inventor of the “Operation “illusion, the world’s best cutting in half illusion.

a)Kevin James's Charlie Chaplin:

video link :

b)Kevin James's Snow-Storm:

video link :


Yu Ho Jin

Yu Ho Jin was named the Magician of the Year (2014) by the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA).

At the age of nine, the South Korean Yu developed an interest in magic after seeing his first stage card manipulation act. He would eventually turn his conservative parents, who originally opposed his magic, into his biggest fans. Often referred to as “The Future of Magic,” Yu would go on to win numerous magic competitions with his emotional performances.


At age 19, he took first prize in the manipulation category and was the Grand Prix Winner in stage magic at Federation Internationale des SocietesMagiques (FISM) World Championships of Magic (2012), a competition that is considered the Olympic games for magicians.

 a)Yu Ho Jin's world champion card manipulation act that won him the World Championships

video link :

b)Yu Ho Jin's customized close-up finally for Cairo

H0-Jin's finale will feature Cairo being spelled on the Big-Screen with Egypt's national flag being revealed!!

 video link :


Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan is arguably one of the most diversely skilled performer in the world, and is an expert escape artist, knife thrower, free climber, archer, side show performer, marksman, free diver, stunt artist, and strength performer.

Jonathan Goodwin Has Been Described as A Modern-Day Superhero – Somewhere Between Houdini andSuperman.

video link :

video link :


Jay Mattioli

Jay Mattioli is a finalist illusionist on the America Got Talent program. He earned a finalist spot by all the celebrity judges for his electrifying style of performance. Jay Mattioli bring his own style of electrifying illusions to the show. Jay is regarded as the fastest illusionist on the planet with his charisma and performing style and has been acknowledged by his peers as one of the most likeable characters on stage!!

  1. a) Jay will let a member of the Audience Levitate:

video link:


b) Motorcycle Appearance (this is tentative as we would see cargo)

video link:

c)Jay's signature Double Impaled

video link:

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