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Zamfir Plays Umm Kulthum

Musical Show

For the first time in history an international legend honors one of the greatest cultural monuments in the Middle East, The Star of the East Umm Kulthum. Gheorghe Zamfir, The master of the Pan Flute, The Living Legend is one of the most renown musicians on the face of this earth with 160 International Albums, selling worldwide over 120 million copies and winning 120 gold and platinum records, the author of many iconic movies soundtracks like, Once Upon A Time in America, Kill Bill and The Karate Kid. The show on the 1st of March 2018 is a world premier where you will experience an exquisite interpretation of Umm Kulthum’s music interpreted by the Master of the pan flute accompanied by his orchestra and of course Zamfir’s greatest hits.

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