FAQs / Customer Service

The decision of whether or not to allow refunds is made by the venue or promoter. Ticketsmarche assumes no responsibility for making any such decision, and will have no responsibility to issue refunds. However, if a refund is issued, then it will be Ticketsmarche who will process refunds for those tickets sold through our Internet sites, call centers and ticket outlets. Please note that delivery prices and certain other fees associated with a ticket order will not be refunded. Please see Cancelled/Postponed Events for more details.

Occasionally, events are cancelled by the promoter, team, band or venue. Should this occur, and if you purchased your tickets online or by phones, you may receive a refund or exchange for that event. Please note that delivery and order processing fees cannot be refunded.

If you do not receive your tickets by three business days prior to an event, call Ticketsmarche Customer Service Department immediately. Be prepared with the order number for your account, or the purchasing credit card. The agent will determine the nature of the problem, and if your tickets are replaceable, instruct you as to where and when to pick up your replacement tickets. This is normally done at the box office prior to the show, and the tickets are marked as 'Replacement' so that they are easily identified as the valid tickets. Replacement tickets can only be picked up by the credit card holder with the original credit card used in the purchase.